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The safety and the cookies policy

What does cookie files mean?

Cookie files (so-called cookies) provide IT data, namely text files stored at the Website User’s end device, which enable the user to use the Website’s pages. Cookies allow to recognize the User’s device and properly display the website adjusted to their individual needs. Cookies usually contain the name of the website from which they come, the duration of their storage at the end device and a unique number.

The usage of cookie files

Our website uses Cookies to adjust the content of the Service websites to the preferences of the User and attest the User in the website in order to allow the User to use the needed information only if the User is logged in. In addition, the cookies are used to generate the statistics of the use of our website by the Users. Cookie files can be stored until they are removed from the browser by the User or closing the Internet browser. If the User do not agrees to the use of Cookies, it is possible to turn them off in the setting of your browser.

The possibility of removing the newsletter (deleting the data profile page of the User from the information base)

If you want to delete your data profile page of the User from our information base, you have to send an e-mail with the topic of an e-mail: NEWSLETTER – RESIGNATION to bok@pillovely.com and then all your personal data will be removed.

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