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Accessories have enormous power

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You can create a unique character in your interior of your house or flat

What creates unique character in the interior of your house or flat and what makes your interior a place full of charm and unique beauty? What lets you do your best not to fall into a routine, not to fallow a pattern and create original interior of your house or flat? What makes you feel better when you cross the threshold of your house or flat after a difficult day at work?

For sure it is not this, even if it is a thoughtful and functional layout of the interior of your house or flat or a perfectly chosen range of colours. Although all those things are extremely important, we cannot forget about accessories. They have enormous power! The interior of our house or flat would be cold and bland without accessories. Perfectly chosen accessories can change your interior into a place full of charm and unique beauty. It is enough to hang photos on the walls, put a clock in the corner, put candles on the table and decorative pillows on the sofa in a renovated flat or a new house. And this kind of the interior with accessories gathers momentum and it changes from cold and bland into unusual and cozy interior. This place becomes just OURS!

The type and colours of the accessories

Deciding on the accessories, you need to pay attention to the type and colours of the accessories. It is good to think through the choice of the accessories in order to choose such accessories that go with the interior of your house or flat. What is more, the accessories should show our personality and likes.

Pay attention to the details

A renovated flat or a new house, without any accessories in the interior of your house or flat, will always seem empty or it will lack something. It is not even that too many things in the interior of your house or flat makes an impression of chaos or untidiness. The point is that the last stage of furnishing the flat or a house, choosing such details as paintings, candles, lamps or decorative pillows is important.

Decorative pillows

If your room is small the best option will be natural and pastel fabrics. It is better to choose pillows with big and incisive patterns, which will find their place in the centre of a bigger room. If you have a minimalistic room you can decorate it with monochromatic fabrics, which will fill up your interior design. You need to remember to combine cool colours with warm colours of accessories and vice versa. It is good to keep the balance of the interior of your house or flat in order to feel comfortably.




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